Soft sunset, calling wood thrush,

Warm spicy wine and lingering echoes of love misgiven twist in my soul.

The twilight is lonely tonight although the wine is still sweet and

The bird song is just as haunting as if nothing had changed, as if nothing had happened.

But tonight’s moonlight only throws one shadow,

The other is gone, gone in body, soul, heart and mind, as if he never was.

I must wash the dirt he left behind off of my hands and body

And wrap myself in the cool white linen sheets of my bed and

Sleep, sleep in the arms of death until the time of rebirth.

A rebirth to a world that refuses to tolerated those of his kind.

A world where all hearts are safe and the pain of betrayal

Is never felt again.

And what of the other? I don’t know,

I can’t remember his name.